Friday, April 3, 2009

Silly kids!

Davis' funny questions of the week:
"Why does Whataburger put water in their burgers?"
"Why did God paint my friend Josh black and paint me white? Did he run out of paint?"

Reese's funny things she is doing:
Sitting in the car seat, lifts her leg high and lets out a big FART. Then puts it down and says, "excuse you."
Carrying around a purse EVERYWHERE we go. She sits at the table with the purse and sleeps with the thing. Hilarious!

So excited for the weekend! My childhood best friend, Lindsay Sikes, is coming to visit tonight. Can't wait to show her our house, neighborhood and of course the kiddos. Looking forward to visiting with her and catching up on old times. Saturday night is date night! Jarrett and I are going to the neighborhood shindig gala. Can't wait for a night out with my hubby...much needed!

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