Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend in Houston

We had an eventful weekend in Houston. Managed to throw a bday party for Alli (Jarrett's sister) on Wednesday night and buy me a new car! My company car is being picked up tomorrow. I officially have a mom car...2007 suburban. Pretty exciting.

Took the kids to a bouncy house place Thurs morning and had dinner with my mom and her dear friends at Taste of Texas. So great to catch up with all of them and show off my children. We were praying at the dinner table and Reese kept saying, "bless you, thank you, bless you, thank you." It was hilarious!

Friday mom and I took the kids to the Houston Zoo. So much fun and a really pretty zoo. We saw all the animals, rode the train and had a picnic. Davis liked the monkeys the best. I think Reese was glad to learn more animals names. Friday evening was Davis' first time to go to a slumber party! He spent the night at Aunt Claudia's house (Jarrett's aunt and his 3 cousins that are in high school, junior high and elementary). They went to Chuck E. Cheese, baked cookies and all slept in the same bed. He had a ball. When I dropped him off he just kept saying, "go mommy, you can go." I couldn't believe how brave he was. A part of me was so proud and excited that we are at a new stage where he can do fun things like this, but another part of me was sad that he didn't need me there. So cool to watch someone grow up right before your eyes. He did great and enjoyed being spoiled by the Mougel family. Thanks for playing with him!

Reese, mom (Belle) and I had girls night out with some of mom's other friends. We had dinner and then I met a friend at a local bar for a few beers. So great to catch up with so many people while I was home.

My friend from high school was in town this week from Switzerland and we were able to catch up for about an hour before the next activity was going on. Really great to see her so happy!

We made it to church this morning and ran into old family friends. So great to hear my old pastor speak and have such a wonderful weekend with my mom. I feel pretty accomplished from my weekend there. Got great time with a few friends, spent nap time at my grandparents, celebrated Alli's bday, entertained the kids, saw Jarrett's family, and even relaxed a bit.

Thanks Belle for having us at your home! I hope we didn't make it too messy. We always love coming to play. Look forward to having you here for Easter weekend!


  1. What a fun weekend! I can't wait to stop buying pull ups for nighttime! The trampoline place we went to was It is probably a 45 min drive from SF. There are also two great children's museums - one in SF and one in SJ!