Friday, January 8, 2010

Loving my choices in 2010

I don't ever make new year's resolutions because I never keep them. BUT, I have decided to make some different choices in my life from day to day. Hoping that these choices make me happier, healthier and a better wife, mom, sister, daughter and friend.

Drink less during the week-not like a drink a lot but I don't need a beer or glass of wine every night I am cooking dinner-just saves me 150 calories a day
Be in prayer with God as much as I can throughout the day---this is amazing to see what it is doing already!
Eat smaller portions-don't snack when my kids snack or I will end up with a muffin top!

Kids are loving being back in school and I am loving my routine. Workouts are back to normal (except I lost my workout partner for a while), bible study is back on, cooking at home is back, and having my family home in the evenings all together! Life is good and I am thankful for a new year!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jesus and the Jack O'Lantern

Check out my latest post at to see a great idea of how to crave your pumpkin this year with your kids. Super cute idea!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Savvy Mommas Coming To you LIVE!!!

It's official...I am back at work but the super cool thing is that I work for myself and make my own hours and LOVE what I do! I have created a web page that also has a blog to allow mom's a place to go to find the latest scoop around town (San Antonio and the Hill Country). Even if you don't live in this area there will still be features helping you come up with great things to do with your kids and awesome gift ideas that are easily purchased online. Coming from a medical sales background where I was helping large companies grow their business, I have decided to take it to a smaller scale and help local business owners grow their business.

So...don't know how much time I will be spending on this blog, but please add to one of your new favorite links and stay tuned for new features that you will find helpful.

Also, if you know of any friends that have a company they might want to feature please send me their contact info or send them mine! I would appreciate it!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dominoes are a Beautiful Thing

I gave the kids a box of dominoes today at 5 pm and it is 7:21 and they are still playing nicely and quietly together! This might be my new favorite toy to have around the house! They just finished building an entire park for all their farm animals. Sand box, bench, diamond beds, etc. So stinking cute!!! Let's pray this is a start to a good week.

PS: I made the easiest and yummiest dinner every today. Bought a pork roast and stuck it in the crock pot this morning at 8:30. Poured half bottle of bbq sauce over it and let it sit until 4. At 4 I shredded the meat and let it cook until 6. Super easy, healthy and yummy. Served with fresh green beans and baked potatoes. Kids ate every bite! Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No More Facebook!!!

I have offically decided to cancel my Facebook account. After realizing I was spending more than 2 hours a day wasting time on this website I have put it to an end. Jarrett will be thrilled! He heard on the AM radio this week that the number 1 cause for divorce is due to Facebook. Isn't that crazy?!?!?! People are getting on this site and either finding old flames or becoming addicted and not spending time with their spouses. I am just not willing to have any of those things happen in my home and I know I need to be spending nap time doing other things around the house. So...goodbye to the Facebook world. Hope to keep up with ya'll here on the blog.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Our home

My cousin Jessica is a writer and is currently doing some pieces for a Country living type magazine that reaches the Texas market. She has been asked to write a piece on a country style home and area that is unique. So she asked if she could feature our neighborhood and home. I had no problems with that. Honestly made me feel quite honored. She asked me to take some pics of our house for preliminary editing and to send to the company. Once she writes the piece a real photographer will come out here to shoot our home and have it featured in the magazine. Pretty cool! So, here are a few pics that I took last night and sent to her. Enjoy and know that you are welcome to come visit any time you would like.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

One proud Aunt!

Robin and Kenneth had their first baby boy on Monday Aug 10, 2009 at 6:15 am! It was a very long night as we all waited "patiently" in the birthing room from 7 pm-6 am for Robin to become completely ready to deliver. We told good stories, read magazines, tried to sleep on chairs and danced to VBS songs as we anxiously awaited for the baby to arrive. I even took Kenneth to Hooter's for a cold beer and wings around 9 and he bought his baby the funniest hooters onesie I have read. You will see a picture of him in it eventually! Anyhow....Kipton Jones Grabhorn, 7 lb 3 oz, 20 in long arrived healthy and handsome as ever! We are so happy to have him as a part of our family.

Please pray for Robin as she adjusts to sleepless nights and uncomfortable boobies until her milk is in a good pattern! She could use your prayers right now.