Monday, August 31, 2009

Our home

My cousin Jessica is a writer and is currently doing some pieces for a Country living type magazine that reaches the Texas market. She has been asked to write a piece on a country style home and area that is unique. So she asked if she could feature our neighborhood and home. I had no problems with that. Honestly made me feel quite honored. She asked me to take some pics of our house for preliminary editing and to send to the company. Once she writes the piece a real photographer will come out here to shoot our home and have it featured in the magazine. Pretty cool! So, here are a few pics that I took last night and sent to her. Enjoy and know that you are welcome to come visit any time you would like.


  1. Jamie, you have a beautiful home. I love your dining room table.

  2. Beautiful home!! How do you keep your kids out of the floor level decorations...we are not there yet!! It was great to see you this weekend.

  3. Your house is gorgeous!!! I need some decorating tips. I am surprised we still don't have boxes everywhere and we have been in for 3 years. :-) You have a knack for decorating!