Sunday, December 28, 2008

More about Christmas

After a morning of being kindof emotional because we didn't have plans on Christmas Eve, our friends Jennifer and Chris Hill invited us over for dinner after we all went to church. The kids had a great time playing with Price and Walker, and Jarrett and I had a great time having some adult conversation with great friends and their family. They were so sweet to include us during the the holiday season. We are thankful for their friendship.

We opened presents the next morning and Davis was definitely in the Christmas spirit. He loves his new big boy bike and Spiderman helmet Santa got him. Reese is enjoying playing with her new kitchen and having tea parties with us. So cute to see each of them explore, play pretend and get so excited about the little things.

We went over to Matt and Carrie's house for the afternoon and evening with ALL of Jarrett's family. The kids had a ball opening more and more presents from Jarrett's aunts, Omie/Opie, Aunt Alli and Aunt Carrie and Aunt Cheryl. When we were finally ready to head back to Boerne, we filled the car to the top with all the new gifts. I am forever greatful for the generous family who loves our kids so very much.

Christmas was a memorable one! It is always hard to let go of some old traditions that we grew up having, but starting new one's with our own family is so neat. Here are a few traditions we are starting with our family. I always like new ideas too, so feel free to send some to me.

Christmas Traditions:

  • make a bday cake for Jesus and sing happy bday

  • make cookies for Santa

  • put out reindeer food for the reindeer

  • ring Santa's sleigh bells by the kids window while the other parent is reading them books

  • kids get 3 gifts from mom and dad...because the Wise Men brought 3 gifts to baby us a chance to talk about why we celebrate Christmas and saves us money!

  • clean out the play room with old toys and make a box to give to a boy/girl that won't get presents this year--Davis asked me this morning if the boy we gave presents to liked his toys. I thought that was cute,,,he actually remembered we did that for someone.

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