Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas in the Hill Country

Our family has a busy December planned and this weekend was the start of really celebrating the Christmas season. Saturday morning Aunt Robin came over and brought a pre-lit Christmas tree for us to borrow. Then we took the kids up to the Cordillera club to decorate gingerbread houses and drink hot chocloate. We met some of our best friends up there for the party. Davis licked more of the icing off of the house and ate more of the candy instead of decorating. He reminded me so much of his daddy and how much Jarrett enjoyed (and still does) sweets. Reese walked around with cookies in both hands happy as could be. By the time they finished decorating the house with help of Aunt Robin and Braden and Jaxon, it looked like they just threw up candy all over gingerbread house. I am guessing in the years to come their artistic ability will dramatically be better than it was this year. All that matters was that they had a ball.

After church on Sunday we went to our park in the neighborhood and saw Santa Claus and some beautiful horses that live here on the ranch. Davis wasn't so sure about Santa or the horse but he sat on both of them without crying. Reese was NOT liking Santa at all, but he sure did like her. Every time he would wave or make eye contact with her she would start screaming. Quite hilarious. Once she figures out that he is the one to bring her presents maybe her attitude will change. They also got to sit on a horse for the first time. Once again...both apprehensive but brave enough to do it. Reese is our little animal lover. If she is anything like her Aunt Alli, we will probably be a family with a bunny, hamster, dog, horse, etc in the years to come.

We managed to put our tree up on Sunday as well. Davis enjoyed decorating the tree with all the ornaments that weren't breakable. Reese has taken a liking to Pooh bear and keeps taking him off of the tree and carrying him around. Now I know why I don't spend a lot of money on beautiful ornaments yet!

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