Sunday, December 28, 2008

Last post today...promise

I would post pics but our camera is broken. I need to take it to get fixed this week. Promise more pics later.

The day after Christmas was Jarrett's 30th! His 4 younger cousins all came over to babysit the kids and cousin Nolan while we ate dinner at the club with Aunt Alli, Aunt Carrie, Uncle Matt, the Hill's and the Welch's. Thanks so much for celebrating with us the day after Christmas! Thanks cousins for taking care of the kiddos. Hope ya'll had fun. Come spend the night any time you want! Jarrett...happy bday! Can't wait to really celebrate with ya at the Cotton Bowl later this week! I love you and am proud of what you have accomplished at such a young age. Remember our sermon today at church about HOPE! Have a plan, Open eyes and heart to new ideas, Plan for the future and Empower other people!

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