Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Talk about Heaven!

So, I was driving in the rain and here is a converstation my son started with me...

Davis: Mom, drive carefully. We don't want to die.
Mom: I will Davis. But don't be afraid of dying. Heaven is a beautiful place and it is ok to die if we know we get to spend eternity with our Heavenly Father.
Davis: And we will get to be up there with Pookie (Jarrett's mom), TA (Jarrett's dad) and Michael Jackson, right mom?
Mom: Who? What did you just say? Well, yes I know we will see Pookie and TA and maybe even Michael Jackson.

Who would have thought that the mention of Michael Jackson dying would make my 3 yr old remember! He cracks me up!

And a conversation with Reese while I am cooking dinner and she is sitting on the kitchen floor with no panties or diaper on because we are potty training...

Mom: It's awfully quiet. Reese, what are you doing? You are being so quiet.
Reese: (remember she was naked) Mommy, I am putting rolly polly up here (pointing to her private)

Dear God! I don't need to be digging rolly polly bugs out of there. We are now wearing dipaers and panties at ALL TIMES!

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