Sunday, November 23, 2008

Good weekend in the Hill Country

Ok, so some of you have now made fun of me for deciding to make a blog, but you are probably the one's reading this silly thing. Friday night Jarrett took me on a double date for sushi with some friends that live in our neighborhood. We had a great time. It sounds like the kids had an even better time. Jarrett's cousin, Maddy, came to babysit with her friend. Davis LOVES Maddy! They ate dinner, made cupcakes, watched Polar Express and had fun playing together. Maddy and her friend Madison spent the night so Davis was thrilled. Reese obviously doesn't tell me much yet, but of course she was a little angel for Maddy.

Saturday we decided to drive to the lake and look at the fall leaves and get away for the night. Lunch in Johnson City was actually a lot of fun. I was kindof tough on the kids the whole lunch because I was making sure they were well behaved. I sometimes feel bad about having to get onto them but I know it will make them better kids. As we were leaving the restaurant the owner came and handed both kids a peanut butter cookie and complimented them on how well they ate their lunch and sat quietly at the table. I was so proud of my 2 little pumpkins!

Time at the lake was fun. We played t-ball, cooked out and got to spend some good time with Aunt Robin and Uncle Kenneth, Aunt Carrie and Uncle Matt, cousin Nolan and our friends Kari and Nick. Glad to be home this Sunday afternoon enjoying peace and quiet during naps!

Have a wonder Thanksgiving week. Continue to count your blessings and let those around you know how much you are thankful for them.

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  1. good job with the blog! glad you guys had a great weekend:) Tell everyone hi!